UHMS Welcomes Italian Medical Society

  • Renée Duncan, Communications Coordinator, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
  • Volume 08 - Issue 1

The Italian Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Society, Società Italiana di Medicina Subacquea e Iperbarica (SIMSI), has joined the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) as an affiliate organization.

Founded in 1997, SIMSI is affiliated with the European Underwater and Baromedical Society (EUBS). Its mission is to be the “beating heart” of knowledge for diving and hyperbaric medicine in Italy.

“Our founding principles are based on respect for the culture of the Society and for the stakeholders — the institutions, physicians, patients and divers — associated with it,” noted Pasquale Longobardi, MD, SIMSI president.

SIMSI advocates authenticity, truth in every action, behavior and information, with the passion to be the leading and authoritative reference in the field. Its motto is “Oxygen is Energy, Water is Life: SIMSI O2 and Water 4U.”

SIMSI activities for 2017 include the following:

  • organization and participation in several events: 25th European Diving Show (EUDI), http://www.eudishow.eu/site/en/; SIMSI in (five workshops for the dissemination of the message “Look Good, Dive Better”); InternationalMeetingsonHBO2therapy(Salsomaggiore-Parma, 5-7) and on technical diving (Ponza Island, 4-7); SIMSI Convention 2017, a dive cruise in Maldives, (August 3-11); EUBS Annual Meeting in Ravenna (September12-17)

  • participation in legislative initiatives; Health Ministry accreditation of the SIMSI guidelines for the HBO2 therapy indications

  • training: Medical Examiner of Diver (MED) course DMAC / EDTCmed Level 1, which enables registration in the European Diving Medicine Databank, http://www.edmd.eu/; wound care related to HBO2 therapy patients

“SIMSI is devoted to implementing connections with associations, sister scientific societies, universities, research institutes, promoting the scientific publication in peer- reviewed journals, updating on a regular basis information  on the website (www.simsi.it) and publishing its bulletin,  three times a year,” Longobardi said. “SIMSI is very proud to join the UHMS International Affiliate Program thanks to the valuable efforts of UHMS Vice President Professor Gerardo Bosco. It is an opportunity for a global collaboration in diving and hyperbaric medicine aiming to harmonize, together with other countries, the standard of care for the approved indications of HBO2 therapy and the diving medicine procedures as well as the education and training of doctors and associated baromedical professionals.

“Italy has a long tradition in this field and many talented experts. SIMSI will surely contribute to the success of several UHMS initiatives,” Longobardi concluded.

All approved Affiliate society members receive a 50% discount on UHMS dues while retaining full privileges within the Society.

Please contact John Peters for specific information.

For more information about the UHMS Affiliate program, write to UHMS Executive Director John Peters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call toll-free 877-533-8467 (UHMS) ext. 100.

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