Baromedical Nurses Association (BNA)

  • Laura Josefsen, RN, ACHRN
  • Volume 09 - Issue 1

Hyperbaric nursing as a nursing specialty is a dream we had in June 1985 that became a reality. A specialty that would take an unknown field of nursing and develop an organization for nurses working in the hyperbaric field to create and provide professional support to nurses worldwide, dedicated to offering educational opportunities, support nursing research efforts, have a presence on committees and boards of national organizations, having a public  voice in those issues which impact nursing, and to provide opportunities for networking and information exchange. The dedication and hard work of amazing nurses worldwide over the years has made this possible.

Diane Norkool, one of the first pioneers in this field, provided leadership, research contributions, and educational efforts and was instrumental in developing hyperbaric nursing standards of care, hyperbaric nursing certification and the Baromedical Nurses Association. The Diane Norkool Award was established in 1996 to recognize nurses making a significant contribution to the field of hyperbaric medicine. The recipients of this award to date are:

2017- Richard “Gus” Gustavson

2016- Robin Ortega

2015 – Connie Hutson

2014 – Mary Hirsch

2013 – Ann L. “Tina” Ziemba

2008 – Monica Skarban

2006 – Kathy Furnas

2005 – Susan Churchill

2004 – Laura Josefsen

2002 – Helen Norvell

2001 – Claude Wreford-Brown

1999 – Christy Pirone

1997 – Valerie Larson-Lohr

1996 – Diane Norkool

It is time to start thinking of who should receive this award for 2018! We invite you to think of the efforts of your team members who make a difference in your units and in your practice. Submit your nominations through the BNA website at!

As the BNA continues to develop, we wanted to recognize persons outside the nursing realm that make a difference. The Circle of Excellence Award was developed in 2017 to honor individuals who exemplified extraordinary mentoring and/or professional support to promote the mission and vision of hyperbaric nursing, including but not limited to research, education, or safety. The first recipient of this award is Dr. Eugene Worth for his ongoing support and dedication.

Our newest project is the establishment of the first annual Hyperbaric Nurses Day: April 3, 2018 in recognition of the hard work and commitment made each and every day (and sometimes nights!) by all hyperbaric nurses. Visit the BNA website for the many activities and announcements to help promote the hard work you do! There will be live online presentations at the start of the in-service about the history and role of the HBO nurse. (CEU category A). The first part is a tribute to HBO nurses everywhere so please send BNA President Annette (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) a picture of you and your HBO team, posed or providing care in your facility. We would like to include as many HBO nurses as possible in the presentation.

Join us in our exciting new venture!

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