CLINIC IN FOCUS: Milpark Hyperbaric Foundation

  • Deane Nesbitt Jr.
  • Volume 09 - Issue 4

This summer I sponsored a campaign to raise funds for the Milpark Hyperbaric Foundation. Some might wonder why a Canadian musician would be interested in doing this for a facility in Johannesburg, some 13,000 km away.

I had hyperbaric oxygen therapy myself because of internal radiation burns following treatment for prostate cancer. As I live in Toronto, after extensive research I chose to have my treatment at the Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre. It’s an achievement for any organization to be able to combine professionalism with friendly empathy, and the Judy Dan Centre does that superbly.

One of the professionals at the Judy Dan Centre is Daniel Gericke, who, fortunately for me, has become a good friend. Among his many qualities is modesty about his achievements, and so it took me over three years before I discovered that he was instrumental in bringing about the creation of the much-needed Milpark Hyperbaric Facility. The facility provides treatment to patients whether or not they can afford to pay for it.

Because of Johannesburg’s need for hyperbaric facilities, because of Daniel’s involvement, and because of the success I had had with HBOT in healing internal radiation burns, it was a nobrainer for me to join those who are raising funds for Milpark.

Apart from donating funds, posting write-ups about Milpark, and soliciting donations, I can contribute my music. As a musician, composer, and film score writer, I can donate DVDs of short films with my music as a “thank you” to other donors to Milpark. One such film that would be a natural because of its association with Africa is Change for Chimps, featuring Jane Goodall. It tells the story of a young girl who discovers how chimpanzees have been mistreated (hardly a strong enough word) and vows to do something about it, eventually making a presentation to her hero, Jane Goodall.

Along the way, all of us have been helped by those we can never repay. In such cases, I have always liked the idea that “passing it on,” helping out someone else that needs help, is a way of saying thank you. Supporting Milpark Hyperbaric is a way of doing that for me.

As the young girl, Kendra, states in Change for Chimps, “Dr. Jane Goodall says that you don’t have to change the whole world. You only have to change one little piece of it, and if I make a difference here and you make a difference there, all our pieces will come together and our world will be a better place.”

About the Author

DEANE NESBITT JR. is a Canadian composer, recording artist, and film score writer. He has composed the soundtracks for two recent short films, Change for Chimps, featuring Jane Goodall, which has won awards both in Baltimore and Toronto, and Legacy of War, featuring veterans of World War II, which was screened last November 11 at the Canadian War Museum.
Deane’s music has been aired over 300 radio stations across the US and Canada. One American reviewer ranked his most recent CD in the best 100 music CDs of 2015 and the Best Dramatic Music of the year. His music has been performed in Toronto at several locations, including Massey Hall and the Canadian National Exhibition.
Deane started his career as a lawyer, practicing commercial law for 16 years. While still practicing law, he performed in Europe, where he met and played piano for Hollywood legend, Greta Garbo. He then became involved with the investment business, co-founded an investment management firm, and wrote an award-winning illustrated history of a Canadian investment bank founded in 1912.
Deane has served as a director on over a dozen boards. He presently is on an advisory board for Johns Hopkins medicine, Baltimore, and on the board of the Sharon Francis Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Toronto. He holds degrees in arts and law from McGill University and a certificate from the Owner-President Management Program, Harvard Business School. A family man, Deane’s other interests have included hiking, kayaking, landscape painting, photography, and flying. His website is .

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