Textbook of Chronic Wound Care

  • Volume 08 - Issue 4


The co-editors of this book, Paul J. Sheffield, PhD and Caroline E. Fife, MD, have also edited the Wound Care Practice’s first edition in 2004 and its second edition in 2007. Instead of a third edition of Wound Care Practice, we decided to write a new textbook focused on evidence-based pathways and that is how the Textbook of Chronic Wound Care was created. We realized the traditional experienced- based criteria for selecting wound care interventions is being replaced with evidence-based practice. This textbook has made an attempt to focus on the evidence-based practice approach with case studies, pathways, and key concepts outlined in a majority of the chapters.

The value of evidence-based approach for providing optimal care is established, but the process used to generate this evidence continues to evolve. Many guidelines for wound care are published on clinicalguidelines.gov but a textbook that can put all those guidelines in a simple manner to help wound care practitioners in their daily practice was lacking. This book makes a sincere attempt to help the reader apply those guidelines into their clinical practice.

Another reason for this new textbook was to create a companion to our study guide, Wound Care Certification Study Guide, 2nd edition (Best Publishing Company, 2016), which will give in-depth knowledge and evidence-based pathway to handle different kinds of chronic wounds. I want to thank all my colleagues and the chapter contributors for their outstanding support for Wound Care Certification Study Guide, 2nd edition. Their response to our study guide gave strength to the present editors to venture into this new textbook. All editors and more than 50 contributors are committed in the field of wound care and they believe in making a difference in the lives of our patients through education.

This textbook is organized into eight sections. The first section explores the anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of wound healing. The second section explores all essentials of wound healing including discussion on etiology of wound, nutritional assessment and management, wound assessment, wound bed preparation, evidence-based selection of wound dressings, advanced wound modalities, and advanced plastic surgical techniques in wound care.

The third section discusses pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of special wound patients including discussion of diabetic foot ulcer, pressure ulcers, venous insufficiency ulcers, lymphedema, and arterial insufficiency ulcers. The fourth section explores atypical wounds, arthropod bites, stings and infestation, radiation wounds, and burns.

The fifth section discusses wound care in special populations like pediatrics, geriatrics and patients with fistulae. The sixth section discusses wound care in different settings like outpatient hospital wound clinic, physician’s outpatient office, acute long-term care facility, and nursing home setting. It also discusses ways to incorporate research in wound care practice. The seventh section explores challenges and opportunities in wound care practice in the new era, discusses use of telemedicine in wound care, and presents challenges and opportunities with electronic health records. There is also a discussion on the future of wound care moving from volume to value in the wound care arena and a discussion on patient-centered decision making in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Finally, section eight looks at disparities in health care in different countries and how wound care is being done in other countries.

A disclaimer by Dr. Fife concerning the NPUAP 2016 Terminology controversy is provided to give you some clarification on certain terminology regarding pressure ulcer throughout the textbook.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this textbook that will assist wound care professionals, caregivers, patients, and their families. By working as a team, we can drastically improve the care of our wound care patients globally.

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